Best Ben Nye Banana Powder Dupes – Top Review

Ben Nye Banana Powder has become some sort of cult-classic revolutionary item in the makeup industry. It is an online brand and can be bought in some pro makeup shops.

This product was specifically made for the theatre and film industry to hold out against the hot lights and  long days and is perfect for  a technique as we all know as “baking”.

However. if you are not the type to be too much into the baking technique, you always have the option to  use this powder for full-face coverage and the slightest amount goes a long way. A small portion of yellow makes this powder mainly flattering to people with warm to deep skin tone.

Additionally, it doesn’t only provides your skin with a flawless matte complexion, but it also blurs your texture and fine line while controlling shine and getting rid of excess oil. Most importantly, Banana Light Powder was pressed to a micro-fine consistency creating an airbrush effect and a silky-smooth texture that will help you look unbelievably beautiful in person and like a “supermodel” on all social media. Once using this, you will become hooked!

Ben Nye isn’t the most accessible or even affordable to us because it’s a high end luxury product. In cases like this, we look for dupes. Here we present to you, the best Ben Nye Banana Powder dupe that are less expensive.

01. NYX HD Finishing Powder

Best Ben Nye Banana Powder Dupes
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The NYX HD powder will breathe into your complexion and has a matte formula and keeps your concealer in place. This lightweight. However, its always good not to use too much of the product on your face. This lightweight, translucent finishing and very fine pressed powder is very smooth to the touch and helps soothe the appearance of fine lines and pores but might come across as slightly powdery as well. It is also available in three (3) different shades: translucent, banana, and mint green. If your skin type is oily, it gives a fresh mattifying and flawless finish.  Always remember little goes a long way!

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02. W7 Banana Dreams Loose Powder

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This product doesn’t require you to have foundation on your face and will immediately smooth out any blemishes or  imperfections and add to your skin tone. The W7 powder is cruelty-free and its yellow under tone of this powder is suitable for all complexion. This is recommended for skin tone with golden, yellow or olive undertones and the powder blends quite easily and doesn’t cake under your eyes or even on your skin. The reason for me loving the product, because this setting power doesn’t have flashback no matter how much of it you use. It is primarily used to set your foundation and concealer and not settle within your fine line, it also brighten your complexion without your makeup on. This powder will avoid your makeup base from slipping throughout the day!

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03. Covergirl TruBlend Loose Mineral Powder

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This TruBlend Minerals Loose Mineral Powder has a very fine consistency and will seamlessly melt into your skin. This is the perfect alternative to set your makeup in place and hold it for a long time. Their banana shade helps brighten your complexion which is the yellow-hue, making you look flawless and rejuvenated. This lightweight formula has a slight shimmer that delivers a perfect glow to your skin. It also provides an airbrush finish  and breath taking natural look. Additionally, its cruelty- free, oil free and fragrance free; which is a plus if you ask me!

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04. E.L.F High Definition Loose Face Powder, Corrective Powder

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This loose setting powder is lightweight and come in three (3) different shades. The e.l.f powder that doubles as a photo filter and dims the imperfections for a soft-focus effect on the skin. It doesn’t come micro grinded as others so you would have to use just a little more of the product but it gives a sheer and translucent coverage that blends effortlessly onto your skin! This e.l.f powder dupes works well with all skin tones, especially the deep tones. It helps reduce oil and keeps your makeup in place as well as not using too much instead a perfect amount of product every time, this will reduce the chance of having flashbacks.

Let me not forget, its also compliments all skin type!

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05. Maybelline Lasting Fix Banana Powder

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This banana powder suits all skin tones, sets and extends the wear of your makeup. It’s a multi purpose product, it easily glides onto your skin tone to brighten your skin and  blur all your pores almost instantly.  It also blends easily to your skin  and delivers the right amount of coverage and allows your skin to withstand a natural appearance. Always remember that a little goes a long ways with using this product. If you’re a girl that loves the media like me then this is the product for you, the soft focus finish is exactly what you need!

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We have put together a list of the best Ben Nye Banana Powder dupes you can find on the market for the money today. By simply reading our review guide, you should have a much easier time when it comes to finding the product that best suits your needs.

Another thing to keep in mind is that these powder dupes are quite affordable which means that even if you are on a tight budget, you should be able to afford them with ease and for those who don’t mind spending, you can test more than one just to see which one works best for you.

There’s no doubt that we enjoy finding budget-friendly skincare products that outperforms even the more high-end ones on the market. We can strongly testify to this with the dupes in our list above.

We truly hope you find our buying guide helpful!

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