Best Fenty Beauty Body Lava Dupes – Top Guide

Many of us are fascinated and amazed of Rihanna Fenty Beauty Body Lava product and by that we all know its a high-end brand. As we know the quality of this product is suburb and most of us just can’t stand the idea of Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Body Lava products being gone for good. Well, all we need is some Body Lava dupes to complete our day!

With that being said, lets take a look at some of the Best Fenty Beauty Body Lava Dupes available on the market today.

5 Best Fenty Beauty Body Lava Dupes

01. SOL DE JANEIRO GlowMotions Glowing Body Oil

Best Fenty Beauty Body Lava Dupes
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Sol De Janeiro is popular for its body products. These skin-softening oils were curated with alot of thought and will give your body just the right amount of shimmer. This is definitely recommendable for anyone wanting an  illuminating full-body glow. You can never overdo it with this one, it is natural, yet the radiance is like a Brazilian goddess while wearing this delicious fragrance infused oil. let me just say this body oil comes with 3 shades and each can be used for different purposes.

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02.SACE LADY Makeup Liquid Highlighter

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This shimmering Body Lava dupe is perfect and gives you a dewy glow all over. It can be used on all skin type and could be used with a brush to blend. It is available in 6 different shades and is much more affordable than the Beauty Body Lava. It can be applied on almost anywhere on your face or body that gives it a matte yet illuminated finish.

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03. Coppertone Glow Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion

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This moisturize and gives you a glow which has a texture of almost gel-like but cream like texture as well. lets highlight that this shimmery pigmented lotion is water resistant; which mean you can go by the pool or even the beach and enjoy yourself in the water without worrying about it coming off. Lets also brag that its has SPF 50, which prevent harmful UV rays of the sun from harming your skin. Did I say it was also affordable, which is s plus.

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04. Juicy Skin Care Gold Glitter Up Secret Body Lotion

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To my girlies that wants to give a stand out glow then this is the one for you!

Its every girl dream to have this natural glow, not only to her face but also her body. Why only wear this lotion on certain occasions when you can give yourself this glow everyday. I would never step out anywhere without this lotion, Just a few drops will give your skin a bronzed, sun-kissed hue. I love when my skin has this glow-y effect and this lotion give my the look that I want because it has some fine like glitter particles inside; and of course you an intensify the glow with how much you apply to you skin. the price is nothing to burden your pocket, very affordable.

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05. Super Thinker Body Shimmer Liquid Bronzer Waterproof Face Highlight Illuminator

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This highlighter is the perfect dupe  for the Beauty Body Lava. the spray texture to is makes it way more easier to be applied to your body and can be done with both hands or even a brush. lets also highlight it doesn’t have a gel like consistency.

The glow will give you a subtle but radiant shimmer to your natural skin. it comes in 5 different shade and you could choose a darker shade to give off a perfect tanning effect. Its also waterproof. This shimmering liquid body highlighter could also be mixed with your foundation or even a primer, but always remember to not to mix too much! The formula is also designed to transfer to cause mess to your clothing. just one swipe and it gets you looking like a “Supermodel” and it comes with an affordable cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1 -What Color Illuminator Should I Use?

Ans: To have a more appropriate highlight coverage, using a formula that is a shade lighter than your skin tone is a good pick. For an illuminating full-body glow, pick something that is close to your skin tone.

For my babies wanting a more tanned or bronzy effect, go for an illuminator that is possibly a shade or two darker.

Question 2- How Do I Apply Fenty Body Lava?

Ans: It is pretty simple to do! All you have to is pump some product out on your preferred area. With a slightly fluffy yet dense beauty brush or you can even use your hand, whichever is preferable. But I would definitely recommend using the brush. When blending, do so in circular motions. if you desire you can also add more according to the glow your aiming for.

Question 3- Can I Mix a Body Illuminator with my Foundation?

Ans: Yes. You can put together any body luminizer with your foundation or primer, there’ll be no side effect with doing this. But its preferable to avoid glittery ones. Also if they have a heavy consistency, it is better not to mix them as well as the shimmers can enhance texture.

Question 4- Will Fenty Body Lava Stain My Clothes?

Ans: Sad to say but yes. You would have to be careful while applying this formula because it can be messy when not applied properly. It is said that there’s a way to avoid it from getting on to your clothes, which is setting it with some translucent powder. But It is not a hundred percent full-proof plan. A more convenient way of using it, is applying it on the high-point of your body.


There you go, we have compiled a list of some of the best fenty beauty body lava dupes you can find on the market for the money today. Also, by simply reading our reviews you should have a easier time in making a solid buying decision. We hope you find our reviews and buyers guide helpful!

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