5 Best Glossier Cloud Paint Dupes – Top Buyer’s Guide

An elegant pinkish finish on your cheeks makes a dreamy appeal to your overall getup. Choosing the best makeup product that you can apply minimally while looking powerfully radiant. Cloud paint dupes define a subtle glow and natural pinkish blush making your skin look fresh and healthy.

With that said, we are going to take a look at some of the best dupes you can get your hands on right now which will help to enhance your beauty in the best way possible.

Best Glossier Cloud Paint Dupes

The best glossier cloud paint dupes for cheeks, eyes, or for lips make a pleasantly glowing blush like these products below:

1. Glossier Cloud Paint Seamless Cheek Color in Puff Pink

Best Glossier Cloud Paint Dupes
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The best kind of glossier cloud paint dupes should have the consistency that blends with your skin like it’s a part of your natural complexion. No matter which shade of pink, red, or brown you choose, always make sure that it fits your skin undertone. It is a crucial technical aspect in formulating your makeup combination.

But the Glossier Cloud Paint Seamless Cheek Color in Puff Pink shade defines a versatile shade fit for any skin undertone and skin color. The Puff Pink shade has a neutral pink tone making it truly a flexible feminine color shade to pair with any makeup combination and clothing colors.

This product has a high amount of hydration formula to retain the sufficient amount of water that the skin needs. The Glossier Cloud Paint Seamless Cheek Color makes you clearly plumped and moisturized leaving a healthy effect in every finishing coat.

It has a silky texture which gives a comfortable and light feeling in every application. You wear it like it is natural and barely there. The effect that this glossier cloud paint dupe defines has a softly diffused finish where color should be evenly distributed throughout the skin’s surface.

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2. Glossier Cloud Paint: A New Way to Blush in Dusk

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A more neutral but flashy blush makeup tone is the Glossier Cloud Paint in Dusk. A more baked and sunny tone to your skin is one of the best innovative achievements in the makeup industry and Glossier initiated a good makeup formula for this tone.

It has a transparent splash with the color when you apply it to your skin. This also gives a lasting visible all-day effect making you look fresh, vibrant, and lively!

This color tone is best for day use during the summertime and fall. The color is wonderfully fit for a magical tan shade if you want to achieve a youthful glow.

Mainly because it is easy to blend as it is creamy and well-pigmented, it will appear like it is your natural skin color. Hence, this is also a versatile tone and shade for your makeup blush finish no wonder why it is one of the best Glossier cloud paint dupes ever.

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3. Glossier Cloud Paint Cheek Color in Eve

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For a fiercer and bolder look, the Eve shade of Glossier Cloud Paint is the perfect blush makeup. This is perfect for night events, club parties, and presentations during meetings and conferences.

The consistency and formula of this product make the sharp and bold color tone of the product creamy, soft, light-weight, and can be easily diffused. Using this on your skin makes a natural glow with its color and leaves no trace of streakiness or the look of a visibly unnatural color on your cheeks.

The Glossier cloud paint seamless cheek color can be worn with any outfit design and color scheme because of its perfectly deep but neutral tone that can be classified as red, pink, or violet-shade.

As one of the best Glossier Cloud Paint dupes, the Eve color variant defines a sultry look that you can also wear on your lips and eyelids aside from wearing it on your cheeks. With its dark shade, it can add a contoured shape to your face as well this is why this variant is one of the most appreciated by the brand.

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can You Use Glossier Cloud Paint on Your Lips?

Yes you can definitely do this! But it is safe to say that it won’t feel or even look like you’re wearing a lipstick. However, if it’s a case where you want to add a bit of soft color to your lips, then you should probably try it out. We don’t think it would be a good idea to put it over chapped lips.

2. Will Glossier Cloud Paint Be Long-Lasting?

Yes, base on my own personal experience and many people who have actually use it in the past and up to this day, they all stated that it is very long lasting. If it’s a case where you are unable to make it last, then you should probably change your technique.

3. Is Glossier Cloud Paint Worth the Investment?

Yes, there is no doubt that this high-quality product is worth investing in. If you don’t mind spending the extra then you should because the dupes is definitely worth every penny.


There you go we have put together a list that consists of the best products for your needs. It is very well known that the Glossier Cloud Paint dupes for cheek color are a perfect blush makeup choice for those who seek a natural finish and do not want to wear heavy makeup, but still look charming and trendy. The brand also has color variants Haze, Storm, Dawn, Spark, and Beam.

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