Best Ikea Alex Drawer Dupes – Learn The Facts!

The IKEA Alex Drawer are a super popular desk drawer and  are a favorite among many home decorators and organizing cosmetic and beauty supplies. This popular wooden unit have tons of advantages but might be out of your price range.

One of many great things about this drawer is you can choose from different sizes, starting with five ( 5) drawers so if you feel you’re spending hours trying to organize then this is the way to keep your haul neat and safely stored.

You can mostly find them in white but you have other colors like: black, brown, white and gray and they come with wheels which makes it more easy for it to move from one area to the next. They come in small sizes that could fit in tight spaces and the depth dimension of both the drawer itself and the entire drawer set could hold almost anything. the drawers are also placed on rails which makes it much more easier to pull open the drawer.

We’ve found some great dupes that are more affordable and look very similar, so without further notice lets take a look at the Alex unit dupes that I have gathered for you guys!

01. Linon Home Decor Products Corinne Six Drawer Storage

Best Ikea Alex Drawer Dupes
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The Corinne Six Drawer Rolling Storage Cart looks very similar to the Ikea Alex unit, so if you are looking for something identical then this is it! This is super versatile where you can place it in the most compact areas like kitchen, office or even bedroom, basically any and everywhere to keep storage. You will also have six (6) equal-size drawers to store stuff in and the handles are cut out exactly the same as Ikea Alex which of course is also made of wood and the storage is white washed for a high-fashion appearance. This unit is also made with wheels which makes it easier to move from room to room. Let me also mention that the dimension are for  persons who doesn’t have a lot of housing space but also have good amount of stuff, this would be the best Ikea Alex dupe!

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02. Naomi Home Taylor 5 Drawers Cabinet White

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This 5 drawer chest is very spacious that offers numerous storage spaces where you can keep makeup, work documents, random home goods, or other trinkets. This  is another excellent and affordable Ikea Alex Drawers dupe that has 2 locking casters, the 2 casters are designed to brake for a steady place and this is great when your have children around just to keep the unit in one place. The office drawer unit filing cabinet comes with all the necessary assembly instructions details that you can find in the easy to read manual. You will find that this cabinet was built using heavy duty materials that is environment friendly and has longevity, it is very sturdy and secure your items. Let me also highlight that this unit comes with a 90 days manufacturer’s Warranty.

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03. Winsome Halifax 5 drawer Storage/Organization

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This one is super similar to Ikea furniture whereas both matches the quality it offers. Halifax storage cart is made of composite wood and has stacks of drawers that are easily accessible like these great vanity decals. The wheels attached to this unite gives an advantage to be easily moved around but it also has optional locking wheels to just to not have it moved. It also gives you an option to choose from five (5) to six (6) drawer set an is a little smaller in dep and width. Also, it comes disassembled so you and the family could have a good time putting it together.

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04. ADEPTUS 10016 6 Drawer Roll Cart

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Looking for a unit that is multi-purpose that can go from in the kitchen, home office or even your garage? then this is the unit for you!

This unit was constructed form  real wood and is a pretty easily accessible storage unit at an affordable price. Its is compact yet its very spacious to keep all your at hand necessities, having a depth of 3.25″. This extra tall unit has six (6) total drawers and are are completely removable to use as tray. It also has a sleek flat top that is convenient to hold stuff too! put your fragrance organizer on top or even a small jewelry box.

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05. DEVAISE 7 Drawer Chest Wood Storage Dresser Cabinet with Wheels

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This 7-drawer chest dresser is by far one of the best unit you’ll find compared to the Ikea Alex. It is  Crafted from particle board for a long-term use that comes with wheels and a great deal of functionality. Let me also highlight that it is scratch resistant and water resistant. The unit is equipped with four (4) casters, two (2) of which can be locked. You will have seven (7) drawers each holding up to thirteen (13) pounds,  for putting all your clothes away or as a makeup storage for your vanity! The unit is also easily assembled which includes instructions. Just by only using a damp cloth, its easy to clean and maintain.

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As you can see, we have put together a list of the best IKEA Alex Drawer dupes you can find on the market for the money today. With these drawer you will have a easier time when it comes to organizing your favorite collections of dupes. Another thing is that you have a variety of color options to choose from which can play a very important role with your home or office decor.

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