Can You Sharpen Urban Decay Eyeliner? Get The Facts!

The company Urban Decay prides itself on producing high-quality, cruelty-free cosmetics. They strive to produce as many vegan items as they can and do not support animal testing.

Ulta, Macy’s, Sephora, and other reputable makeup stores carry Urban Decay eyeliner. Urban Decay eyeliner can be sharpened, and it applies smoothly and seamlessly.

Eyeliner is one of those cosmetics that often gets a poor rap because, as it ages, it becomes dull and people assume they must throw it away or that it will never be sharp enough to get the ideal appearance.

That is untrue, I assure you! Eyeliner pencils are processed similarly to other pencils and have a pencil-like appearance. A cosmetic pencil differs only in that it demands a little extra sensitive loving care!

With Urban Decay eyeliners, use this sharpener. The names of several products from Urban Decay, like this sharpener, are very inventive. The business aims to distinguish itself and attract attention. They have a reputation for producing high-quality cosmetics with creative product names.

Can You Sharpen Urban Decay Lip Pencil?

Can You Sharpen Urban Decay Eyeliner

Here are some techniques to help revive your smudged Urban Decay Eyeliner if that’s what you have and you don’t like the way it looks. This includes the glide-on lip pencil and all Urban Decay eyeliners. A good sharpener is definitely something you need to have. The pencil should first be removed from its case.

After that, sharpen your pencils using a sharpener with a makeup pencil blade. You’ll find yourself chewing on your eyeliner until all that’s left are shavings if your sharpener is of poor quality. Electric sharpeners are also readily available, but be sure they are made exclusively for makeup pencils.

For eyeliner, you can also use a standard pencil sharpener. In a pinch, an ordinary pencil sharpening will suffice if your eyeliner sharpener is jammed, worn out, or otherwise inoperable.

Ensure that it fits properly and that your issue is fixed. Within a few movements, you ought to be able to determine whether the sharpener is operating properly. You don’t want to lose the lead, so pay carefully!

Even without a sharpener, you can sharpen an eyeliner pen! You can also use a knife or pair of scissors to sharpen pencils. Simply run the eyeliner pencil along the edges of these objects’ sharp corners to get the desired effect. It may sound strange, but this actually works!

How Frequently Do I Need to Sharpen My Eyeliner?

It’s crucial to keep in mind that how frequently you sharpen your eyeliner pencil will determine how long it lasts. Pencils should typically be sharpened every two to four weeks.

Even though it can seem like a brief time, your eyeliner will benefit from it in the long run. You’ll adore the longer wear time and smudge-free appearance it produces.

In the end, it’s simple enough to sharpen your eyeliner every 2-4 weeks. But don’t worry if you’ve been ignoring it. You may also use mineral oil or baby oil to sharpen your makeup pencil.

In the Event That the Pencil Splits in Half, What Should I Do?

The first and most crucial step is to immediately stop using it. Throw away the shattered end if it has a pointy edge that you could use to puncture someone in the skin or eye.

Carefully remove the shattered end’s remnants from the pencil if it is not sharp. With your fingernail or a little screwdriver, carefully scrape the excess off to do this. As a result, you will either have a short piece of liner or nothing at all!

Before applying your cosmetic pencil once more, add an eye primer. This product will support long-term maintenance of goods’ solidity and freshness.

Can Plastic Eyeliner Pencils Be Sharpened?

Although sharpening plastic eyeliners is more difficult than sharpening wooden ones, it is still doable. Sharpeners designed specifically for plastic cased liners exist and are more dependable than standard ones.

For the best results, a double-blade sharpener should be used. A fantastic dual sharpener from NYX is available for plastic eyeliner pencils. It is simpler to obtain the correct fit when using a dual sharpener because it comes in two sizes. To prevent breaking the eyeliner, be careful not to press too firmly when spinning it!

It is possible for an eyeliner pencil to break. If the pencil is dropped and the lead inside is banged around, it will break into pieces when you sharpen it. Be mindful not to drop it frequently

Put your eyeliner pencil in the freezer for around an hour before to sharpening it as this is a fantastic additional tip to prevent breakage. The pencil won’t shatter while being sharpened once it has reached the proper coldness. For all eyeliner pencils, this tip works great.

Can a Gel Eyeliner Pencil Be Sharpened?

A gel eyeliner pencil can still be sharpened with a sharpener even though it appears to be plastic-coated. A gel eyeliner can be sharpened in the same way as any other pencil. Some gel eyeliners have a sharpener built right in. If your gel liner comes with a sharpener, you’re in luck, because sharpening ought to be simple.

If not, you can still use one of your sharpeners in the same manner. To avoid breaking the liner while turning it in the sharpener, just apply pressure. The gel’s plastic layer may feel more difficult to spin at first, but after you apply pressure, it will become sharper.

To ensure that the liner is correctly sharpening and not simply being consumed by the sharpener, always pay attention to what is happening with each turn.

How Can I Maintain the Sharpness of My Eyeliner Without Constantly Sharpening it?

If you keep your eyeliner pencil sharp, it will last for a very long time. There is an alternative for people who would prefer not to sharpen their eyeliner or do not have access to a sharpener designed for beauty pencils.

Use a lighter to warm the pencil’s end, then press down until the tip is as sharp as you’d like it to be! As a result, some of the lead’s softness and smudge-ability will be lost due to friction. Remember that doing this will just sharpen the point of your eyeliner rather than fixing an old, broken one.

To maintain your eyeliner pencil pointed, you should sharpen it sometimes. For more exact application, a pencil that has been sharpened will slide over the skin more readily.

Additionally, it’s crucial to store your pencil properly, with the sharp end facing upward in a cold, dry location. By doing this, you can prevent your pencil from crumbling as you apply it and from breaking in half while you’re doing so.

Don’t sharpen your eyeliner every day; save the sharpener for those times when you’ll need it. If you do need to sharpen your eyeliner, use a sharpener made exclusively for eyeliner pencils to maintain the tip sharp and extend the life of the pencil.

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