How to Apply Setting Powder? Step-By-Step Guide

We’re here to change your opinion if you think that setting powder is a last step in makeup application that should only be used for formal occasions or when you’re applying a “full face” of glam. The fact is that you may extend the longevity of your face makeup by setting it with setting powder. Adding a matte look to your face with setting powder can also help cut down on shine.

Setting powder is a must-have beauty item for your makeup kit since it does everything from giving oily skin a stunning matte finish to minimizing fine wrinkles and preventing your under-eye makeup from wrinkling.

We’ve put up a thorough step-by-step overview of how to use setting powder and pick the best product for you. Continue reading to learn the dos and don’ts of using setting powder so you can start utilizing its advantages in your makeup routine!

What is Setting Powder?

How to Apply Setting Powder

This item is a gift from heaven. Your face makeup will really be set onto your skin with the “invisible” step of setting powder in your makeup routine.

Setting powder is a face powder that has components like talc and silica to holds wet makeup products, such liquid foundation and concealer in place so that it doesn’t fall off before day’s end and for your cheeks not to develop cracks or ripples. Wearing it completely improves your makeup experience.

Setting powder can make makeup last longer and give users a smoother appearance by reducing the appearance of oil on the face. There are two types of setting powder: pressed and loose. For varied skin tones, this cosmetic powder can be translucent or tinted.

Which Setting Powder is the Best?

One of the best product is – We Fix It For Good. When using liquid makeup (such as foundation or concealer), you can layer banana powder, a translucent powder, over and under it to help minimize shine and oil. You don’t need to be concerned; it is virtually invisible and won’t alter the color of your skin or cosmetics. We also set makeup with our Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder, but it also has a little of color and coverage.

Four Steps to Apply Setting Powder

One of the few cosmetics that you can’t use your fingers to apply is setting powder. To cover a lot of ground with each sweep, it definitely needs a large, fluffy brush or sponge. In the past, setting powder was applied evenly across the face, but today we prefer a spot-treat method to maintain skin looking more youthful and natural. Setting powder can be applied in 4 easy steps once you’re ready to go and have the necessary tools:

1. Prepare your face

Apply a moisturizer after washing your face and hydrating it. Spot-correct with concealer after applying foundation and making sure it’s spread evenly.

2. The loose powder should be poured out

Pour some of the setting powder over the container’s lid if you’re using a loose powder. Apply a large powder brush to the powder in the lid and swirl it around before tapping the brush to get rid of the extra powder. Swirl your powder brush or sponge onto the pressed powder if you’re using one, then tap to remove any extra powder.

3. Dust the powder on

Buff the powder over your face in circular strokes, beginning in your T-zone and moving outward, using the powder brush. Repeat the technique in those regions, such as your T-zone, under-eye area, and beneath your cheekbones, if you need to apply additional powder there. If you’re using a beauty blender, press the powder into your face by tapping and rolling the sponge against it; pushing the sponge on your face will smear your makeup.

4. Use the last coating

After applying the remainder of your face makeup, such as eye makeup, eyeshadow, mascara, and lipstick, use a fluffy brush to apply a translucent setting powder. Allow the powder to rest on your face for three to five minutes.

Three Functions of Setting Powder

Setting powder can be used to set makeup, take shine down, and cover blemishes after foundation and concealer:

Final Touches

Setting powder seals in makeup to keep it from fading and extend its longevity. Although finishing powder offers a flawless appearance, setting powder and setting spray are identical. (If you have dry skin, a setting spray can help your makeup stay on longer by giving your face a dewier finish.)


Setting powder can manage shine and lower oil production on the skin. For those with oily skin types, certain setting powders contain talc.


Setting powder smooths out your skin by reducing the appearance of pores, fine wrinkles, and blemishes. Silica is a component of some setting powder and helps create the soft-focus appearance.

Setting Powder Application with a Makeup Sponge

You don’t intend to expand your collection of cosmetic brushes. The beauty challenge can be easily overcome by your dependable makeup sponge.

1. Select your merchandise.

Due to their distinctive form and texture, makeup sponges offer a wide range of coverage and application options. With its convenient teardrop shape, the BEAUTYBLENDER Original BeautyBlender Makeup Sponge allows you complete control over the application of your makeup. Additionally, the three-month lifespan of each compact sponge prevents you from making impromptu trips to the pharmacy.

2. Apply some on the wrist or back of hand

It takes a delicate touch to prevent translucent powder overflow on your skin and bathroom counter. To check how much product the sponge is packing, press your cosmetic sponge over the back of your hand after dabbing it into the powder. You need a thin, even layer of powder that is not very loose.

3. Press with your hands and tap your face

When your sponge is full, gently tap and press the powder over any oil-prone areas, paying special attention to press over any places where you’ve done your best product blending, such as the tops and sides of your cheeks (to protect your bronzer and blush) and nose. You should only need a few light pats all over to achieve a natural look without any caking.


You’ve probably come to the idea of using setting powder, and you can attest to the fact that it completely transforms the way you apply makeup. With the help of Mented’s loose setting powder and stippling brush, this tutorial on using setting powder can help you raise your beauty game.

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